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3 Simple Technology Resolutions for 2017: Passwords, Privacy, Backups

By Mary Beth Hamilton | Thursday, January 5th, 2017

The best New Year resolutions are the ones you can stick with. So here are our three simple technology resolutions for 2017 which you can use in your personal and professional life.

Resolve to Change Your Passwords, Make them Unique

Passwords are the keys to your virtual kingdom so treat them as such. These days having a password is not enough. Users must have complex passwords that incorporate letters, numbers and symbols and that change often. Here are some other password tips:

  • Substitute letters for numbers and use phrases to remember and create unique passwords. For example, “I love Gmail” can become “!l0v@gm@!l” – something you’ll remember but is hard for someone to guess.

  • Avoid using personal information in your password that may be easy for someone to figure out. Things to avoid include your name, address, date of birth, pet’s name and children’s names.

  • Don’t use the same password for all your accounts – switch it up. For example, you can use the same word but change it up by capitalizing different letters or substituting letters for numbers.

  • Be sure to change your password often. We recommend changing a password every 30-90 days. Many of our clients already have automated procedures in place to enforce this policy.

Check Your Social Media Privacy Settings & Be Social Aware

The rise of social networking online has reduced privacy expectations across the globe. We must be more aware of the automaticity of our behaviors and tendency to trust sites while browsing the web. In this tug-of-war between security and connectivity, users can regain control of their personal information. Instead of dispensing reams of sensitive data, choose to keep what’s private, private. Adopting an alert awareness while interacting on social platforms and thinking twice before your next “like” could go a long way.

Now is the time to review the privacy settings across your social networking and file sharing accounts to make sure your privacy settings are what you intend them to be. Purge your “friend” lists and contacts, being mindful of inactive profiles and contacts who are no longer relevant.

Backup Your Firm’s Data, and Do the Same at Home

Consider the impact to your business if you lost the data held in your CRM, financial, or reporting systems. Loss of this data can be detrimental to a business. On the flip side, while not as financially costly, losing a decade’s worth of family pictures can be pretty devastating as well.

Backups should be an integrated part of not only the IT department at your firm but also your personal home network. If all of your data is held within one environment/device, or if there was a breach of security, theft, fraud, or software/hardware malfunction, not only is your data lost, but also your backup.

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