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How Millennials are Driving Cloud Adoption

By Katelyn Orrok | Tuesday, December 13th, 2016

This year an estimated 2.8 million college graduates entered the workforce, most of whom are millennials. Millennials have now become the largest share of the US workforce, and as a result, are placing greater demands on firms that now need to adapt in order to attract new talent. What does this mean for IT? A greater focus on cloud adoption.

Millennials, by virtue of the fact they were born in the last thirty years or so, have spent their adult lives thus far exposed to and surrounded by technology. Being some of the first to adopt some of the newest technologies including social media, smartphones and mobile apps millennials have a lifelong reliance on technology and are used to having information at the tips of their fingers. They have grown up during the advent of the cloud and are not interested in relying on more traditional technology systems and infrastructures that are often more high cost and likely to become outdated. Up-to-date technology is a norm for millennials, and they expect it to be at their disposal.

For technology employers, this trend highlights the greater movement of firms to the cloud as a means to optimize efficiencies, reduce and control costs and ensure seamless and robust security for business operations. In also hiring a workforce, however, employers should be embracing the technology-savvy millennial generation and providing opportunities for reliable, efficient and agile IT operations.

It’s worth mentioning that millennials like and appreciate the convenience of the cloud, and since they have always been exposed to it, are not afraid of relying on it to store and share confidential information. In some cases, this can pose a business risk – if cloud platforms are not secured or managed by reputable providers. As firms look to evaluate cloud service platforms, security and reliability should not be overlooked.

The work environment and technology that millennials demand to be successful and efficient is driving businesses to make changes - and fast.

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