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Addressing Hedge Fund Audit Risk: Insights from KPMG

By Katelyn Orrok | Thursday, October 13th, 2016

As part of our Risk Outlook series – don’t miss our 6th and final installment next Thursday, 10/20 – we spoke with Gary Berger, Partner and head of the Emerging Manager Program at KPMG, to discuss hedge fund audit risk. In our 30-minute webinar we were able to gain insight on:

  • The barriers to enter the hedge fund space and what new managers typically underestimate

  • Common hedge fund audit mistakes (e.g. lack of disclosure, violations of the governing body and slow turnaround to audit recommendations)

  • How auditors view third party risk and considerations for taking on a third party provider

  • What keeps hedge fund managers up at night in 2016

  • How liquidations and launches are affecting the emerging manager marketplace

  • What investors need to think about in terms of valuation including valuation committees, managers and best practices

To hear more about these topics, watch the full replay of our conversation with Gary Berger below: 


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