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Employee Termination Checklist for IT: An Investment Firm’s Starting Place

By Mary Beth Hamilton | Thursday, October 11th, 2018

Whether it is an intern heading back to school or a full-time employee moving on, an investment firm must have a detailed employee termination checklist for information technology (IT) that is diligently followed.

But what are the key items that must be on your employee termination checklist?

Here’s An Employee Termination Checklist Foundation:

  • Contact IT Department or IT Provider to terminate or change network or application logins 

  • Ensure subscriptions are either cancelled or changed

  • Collect employee equipment such as laptops, monitors, mobile devices, etc.

  • Ensure employee has documented transition procedures

  • Reset user password and disabled account

  • Revoke user access to software-as-a-service (SaaS) applications

  • Convert mailbox to shared account

  • Grant manager full mailbox permission over terminated account

  • Remove company information from equipment (mobile device, company PC and/or laptop), if required

  • Create out-of-office auto-response and/or redirect inquiries to employee’s manager

  • Give manager access to user's P: drive

  • Remove user from distribution lists

Ensuring all access is revoked and company information is wiped from personal devices is critical to maintaining an organization’s security.

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