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Cloud, Cyber Security and Managed Services: Putting Eze Castle Over the Top in Waters Rankings (Video)

By Katelyn Orrok | Tuesday, August 2nd, 2016

We're thrilled to share that Eze Castle Integration has won the coveted awards for Best Cloud Infrastructure Provider and Best Cyber-Security Provider in the 2016 Waters Rankings. Vinod Paul, Managing Director of Eze Castle Integration, spoke with Dan DeFrancesco, Deputy Editor of Sell-Side Technology and Waters Technology about how Eze Castle Integration differentiates itself from other cloud and security providers. 

Watch Vinod's video interview below or scroll down for some quick takeaways.


Why are firms selecting the Eze Private Cloud?

There are many cloud providers that firms could choose from, but what really differentiates Eze Castle Integration is that we are a managed service provider. We understand what our clients’ business needs are and, with the changing regulatory and cyber threats, we are able to quickly adapt to our clients' needs. We are always investing back into our firm, our clients and what their needs are going to be. We are able to see what the cyber threat landscape is like, and we have built our cloud and platform with all those tools in mind. Yes, we are a cloud provider but more importantly we are a managed service provider, and that is what makes the Eze Private Cloud unique and invaluable.

With so many layers of security built into your private cloud, how does Eze ATP fit in with security?

The Eze Private Cloud is extremely secure, with tools built in across every layer to protects the infrastructure. The one differentiator that we have is that every client is unique at their client site. That could be due to carrier dependencies or employees, for example. Eze Active Threat Protection (Eze ATP) enables us to protect that client site and its individual diversity. This tool protects firms from individual employees who are coming in or third-party providers that could introduce a threat. 

What is the importance of the Eze Phishing and Training Service?

We truly believe that employees can either be your firm's biggest defense or your biggest threat. With our managed phishing service, we really focus on the education of employees. We have seen a dramatic increase in threats and phishing attempts, for example when hackers pretend to be the CEO or portfolio manager asking clients to make a transfer. Individuals who are asked to conduct these tasks really need to understand who the clients are and therefore trust the source of the task. Our phishing service not only provides education to employees, but also ensures that they are part of the cybersecurity defense and are doing their due diligence and protecting the company against threats.

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