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You've Been Thinking About Hosted Voice All Wrong [Tech Tip Video]

By Kaleigh Alessandro | Thursday, June 2nd, 2016

In today's Eze Castle Tech Tip: we're discussing myths about Voice over IP -- or hosted voice -- services. 


If reading is more your style, take a look below at Five Myths about Voice over IP:

Myth 1: You’ll experience poor call quality.
Call quality can be impacted by a number of things including the network, available bandwidth and even the type of phones you’re using. However, a well-designed business-caliber VoIP system can deliver quality of service equal to an in-house phone system. We recommend you go with a VoIP provider that has full control over the network to help ensure high quality of service.
Myth 2: VoIP is Unreliable
A natural extension of the call quality concern is the reliability concern. While consumer-grade VoIP services work over the Internet, Business-grade VoIP typically uses private IP point-to-point lines for primary connectivity. If Internet is the primary transit, be sure you are working with a VoIP provider who manages the entire network and has control over traffic prioritization. In most cases you want to ensure voice traffic takes precedent over data traffic or travels over a different network.  
Myth 3: You’ll Lose Key Functionality Your Firm Requires
This is a case where not all business VoIP services are created equal. It is important to ask providers about the availability of financial industry specific features such as bridged appearances and IP ringdowns. VoIP services built for the investment industry, like our Eze Voice, should deliver these features.
Myth 4: You’re Phone Number Will Change
VoIP is no different from a traditional phone service in terms of number portability. As long as you remain in the same geographic area, you can switch telephone service providers and keep your existing phone number.
Myth 5: Someone May Hack My Phone System
VoIP networks require layers of security just as data networks do, so be sure to ask your provider about their security protocols to keep the service safe from hackers.

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