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Spring Cleaning Tips for Securing Your Digital Footprint

By Zorela Georgescu | Tuesday, April 26th, 2016

Freshness, simplicity, clarity. Words we may use to describe the Spring season. While we wait for warmer winds to come sweep away the chaos of winter, it may also be time to freshen up our digital ecosystems.  Below are some tips to help with your spring cleaning process, whether you are looking to tighten up your personal security situation or aiming to stay on top of enterprise-wide security concerns for the sake of your business.

  • Get rid of “junk”. Old photos, videos, and archives take up disc space and slow performance.

  • Check up on unused software. First, see what it’s actual purpose is. If it’s not something you use or need, uninstall. This will reduce potential malware-targeted software.

  • Install program updates. Updates include critical security patches that combat ever-morphing computer viruses.

  • Refresh passwords. Make sure your passwords vary across different platforms. Use a combination of numbers, special characters, and upper and lowercase letters. If you are an administrator, flag accounts that have not undergone a password change in three months.

  • Back up. Store copies of your files on an external drive in the event a virus strikes, a computer or smart device is lost, or hardware breaks down.

  • Clean out your system’s registry. Your computer may have picked up unnecessary files over time that slow processes and make it prone to malware infections. Think about using a free tool for cleaning (e.g. CCleaner).

  • Social setting clean-up. Make sure your privacy settings are what you intend them to be. Purge your “friend” lists and contacts, being mindful of inactive profiles and contacts who are no longer relevant.

  • Declutter your e-mail. This is a good time to scour through all those e-mail folders and discard anything unopened or no longer meaningful.

Trimming down your digital environment to include only what’s necessary gives way to easier management, allowing you to catch potential security breaches early on. That, and the peace of mind that comes with an overall refresh, will have you feeling Spring-ready. 

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