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Ride Through the Security Layers Encasing the Eze Managed Suite

By Mary Beth Hamilton | Tuesday, September 1st, 2015

Eze Video Debut!

Ever wonder about the layers of security encasing our Eze Managed Suite solution? We thought you had. That's why we created this video, which outlines not only the security protections but also the extensive services available to investment firms and hedge funds that move to our premier cloud solution.

Watch, learn and then contact us for more details.

Here's a recap of some Eze Managed Suite features:

  • A professionally managed IT platform tailor-made for the investment industry
  • A highly resilient system with Active-Active DR, enabling RPOs of seconds and 24x7 Monitoring, with DR testing included
  • File services
  • Email via Microsoft Exchange
  • Microsoft Office applications
  • Mobile services
  • Data backup
  • And email security 

The Eze Managed Suite also provides enterprise-grade IT capabilities including:

  • Unified communications via Microsoft Lync;
  • Secure File Sharing and collaboration across devices via Varonis DatAnywhere;
  • And data governance through complete audit data for file server and email activity.

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