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Hedge Funds: It's Time to Get Bullish On Social Media, LinkedIn

By Mary Beth Hamilton | Tuesday, January 20th, 2015

Trying to avoid social media is increasingly futile, even for hedge funds. We live in a ‘sharing’ culture, so it’s time to embrace it and control (or at least contribute to) your online profile.

In its 2015 predictions article, third-party marketing firm Agecroft Partners listed increased social media usage by hedge fund managers and investors as a key trend, and here’s why:

“…Social media is being used for research, to build stronger relationships and help promote a firms’ brands in the market place. Some managers are also using it to promote their investment ideas in order to create a catalyst for a security. The most commonly used social media is LinkedIn, which is broadly used throughout the industry. In 2014, Twitter was used by many people in the industry for the first time and this is expected to increase in 2015. Finally, we are beginning to see some use in YouTube where organizations are creating videos that can be posted on websites, distributed through social media or emailed to a distribution group…”(Source: Top Hedge Fund Industry Trends for 2015 by Don Steinbrugge)

Getting the Basics Right: LinkedIn

If a hedge fund manager has time for only one social media outlet, LinkedIn is the one. Over 332 million people use LinkedIn, and new members join at a rate of 2 per second. Additionally, 40% of users check LinkedIn daily (source: Digital Marketing Ramblings).

And from a search perspective, your LinkedIn profile is almost guaranteed to come up on the first page of results for a Google search of your name. So let’s look at how hedge fund managers can enhance their LinkedIn profiles.

LinkedIn Profile Basics

  • You need a picture. People won’t take you seriously or want to connect with you if they can’t see what you look like. Plus, your profile is 11 times more likely to be viewed if you have a picture.

  • Write a summary. This is an open space that allows you to hone in on the key qualities, attributes and skills you want to highlight.

  • Include all (relevant) job experience.When you add your company, be sure it is linking to the firm’s LinkedIn page as this is an easy way to direct your connections back to your firm’s page after viewing your profile.

  • Add skills. From a personal brand perspective, adding skills is an easy way for people to find you.

Customizations on LinkedIn

  • Customize your URL to reflect your firm name (and a personal one if you have a personal webpage).

  • Optimize your ranking for certain search terms by adding them to key sections of your profile including Headline, Summary, Work experience and Specialties. 

LinkedIn Hedge Fund Groups

  • Join groups that are relevant to your experience and interests, such as the Hedge Fund Group or IvyExec.

  • Position yourself as an expert and become a thought leader by asking and answering questions. Groups are also a great way to foster conversation, generate new ideas from peers and connect with key people. 

LinkedIn Profiles that Get it Right

Here are a few folks on LinkedIn who get it right. Check out their profiles for ideas:

JD David, COO at Meyler Capital

Thomas Plaut, Forex Trading Executive

Don A. Steinbrugge, Managing Partner at Agecroft Partners

Richard C. Wilson, Single Family Office Advisor

Last but not least, here's an Eze Castle Integration LinkedIn profile doing it right: Vinod Paul, Managing Director.

Want More Hedge Fund Marketing Tips?

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