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Say Hello to Eze Voice, Our Next Generation Cloud Voice Solution

By Mary Beth Hamilton | Thursday, September 4th, 2014

Last month we covered the five myths about Voice over IP (VoIP) in preparation for the general availability of our next generation Eze Voice service. In case you don’t recall, the myths we debunked were:

  • MYTH 1: Poor Call Quality – Everyone Will Know I’m on VoIP

  • MYTH 2: VoIP is Unreliable – I’ll Experience Downtime

  • MYTH 3: I’ll Lose Critical Functionality Required by My Investment Firm

  • MYTH 4: I Can’t Keep My Phone Number

  • MYTH 5: Someone May Hack My Phone System

Now that Eze Voice is officially here and already being used by many clients, we wanted to give it a little shout-out, so here goes. Eze Voice is an innovative hosted voice solution that combines high levels of redundancy and quality of service with the communication features financial firms require.

The newest version of the Eze Voice service leverages Eze Castle Integration’s premier global cloud platform, Eze Private Cloud, and is ideal for firms that want to benefit from the flexibility, scalability and cost-effectiveness offered with a cloud-based voice service. Featured benefits of Eze Voice include:

  • Premier Quality of Service: Eze Castle Integration manages the state-of-the-art network powering Eze Voice and is able to ensure it is optimized to deliver crystal clear sound quality;

  • Critical Functionality for Financial Services: Eze Voice includes functionality financial firms require such as true ‘bridged appearances’ that allow flexible push-button collaboration between colleagues;

  • Seamless Communication Across Multiple Offices: Eze Voice seamlessly connects a firm’s offices and employees, eliminating the need for expensive and complex networks, hardware and software; and

  • Easily Connecting Office Extensions to Mobile Devices: With Eze Voice, mobile devices can easily become an extension of a user’s corporate phone system.

Here’s how Eze Voice Works

VoIP for Financial Firms

Learn more about Eze Voice HERE.

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