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Hedge Fund Technology Roundtable: Tech Trends in 2011

By Kaleigh Brousseau | Tuesday, August 9th, 2011

In this first installment of our Hedge Fund Technology Roundtable Series, we’ve asked technology and service professionals throughout our company to answer one question:

What is the most significant technology trend you’ve seen in the hedge fund industry in 2011?

Find out what our experts had to say! And stay tuned because next month we’ll be back with another hot topic as part of our Roundtable Series.


“Cloud computing is the biggest trend in the industry right now. Nearly 90 percent of firms we have engaged with year-to-date are interested in the cloud on some level. With cloud services, firms have increased flexibility and scalability and often lower costs, so it’s no surprise that it’s become such a growing trend.”

-  Vinod Paul, Managing Director of Service & Business Development, New York (NY)


Cloud Computing for Hedge Funds

“By far, the biggest technology trend in the hedge fund industry right now is the private cloud. We have seen a great increase in interest in private cloud services over the past two years, and we expect that trend to continue for the foreseeable future.

Unfortunately, along with the increased interest in the cloud, there is also increased confusion. It remains a priority for us as a cloud provider to focus on educating our clients and partners about the private cloud, as well as its benefits and challenges.” 

-  Bob Guilbert, Managing Director of Marketing & Products, Boston (MA)


      “From the various meetings I’ve had with clients, the two things that come to mind are compliance and cloud computing.  With the passage of Dodd-Frank, many long-time clients who have never had disaster recovery and email archiving have sought out our counsel on these issues.

Cloud Computing is obviously the other trend.  Clients are seeking our advice on how their firms can take advantage of this platform. Whether as a fully hosted infrastructure or a means to host certain applications, clients are very interested in learning about ways to utilize the cloud.”

-  Abraham Thomas, Director of Service, Stamford (CT)


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