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Webcast: Preparing for SEC Cybersecurity Exams; hedge fund cyber securityVideo: Cybersecurity Threats Facing Hedge Funds in 2015

This Opalesque TV interview dives into the real threats facing firms today, including spearphishing attacks, examines the SEC's recent cyber initiative, and explains how investment firms today can keep up with changing regulations and an evolving threat landscape.

Whitepaper: Critical Cybersecurity Threats; hedge fund cybersecurity

Whitepaper: Critical Cybersecurity Threats & How to Prepare

With high-profile security breaches & vulnerabilities making headlines, the SEC is advising hedge funds and investment firms to prepare for future exams. This whitepaper will help firms stay up-to-date on the latest info & offers best practices for building a secure hedge fund.

Webcast: Preparing for SEC Cybersecurity Exams; hedge fund cyber securityWebcast: 10 Takeaways from the SEC Cybersecurity Exam Findings

Our technology experts break down the recent findings from the SEC's cybersecurity exam sweep, offer clear best practices, and provide insight into what hedge funds and investment firms can expect next on the cybersecurity front.

Risk Alert: SEC Cybersecurity Questionnaire; hedge fund cybersecurityRisk Alert*: SEC Cybersecurity Guidance/Questionnaire

Read the official risk alert issued by the Securities & Exchange Commission in April 2014 as well as the comprehensive list of questions the regulatory body advises firms to answer, including sections on detection of unauthorized activity and protection of firm networks.

Eze WISP Datasheet; hedge fund cyber securityData Sheet: Eze Written Information Security Plan Service

Learn more about how Eze Castle Integration works regularly with investment firms to help identify potential security risks and develop written information security plans (WISPs) that identify administrative and technical safeguards pertinent to the firm.

Blog: Security Articles for Hedge Funds; hedge fund cyber securityBlog: Security Articles for Hedge Funds

Visit our blog, Hedge IT, for a host of new and relevant articles on the topic of hedge fund cybersecurity. We're covering everything from cloud security best practices to potential cyber threats and vendor evaluation tips. New articles are posted every Tuesday and Thursday.