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Why the Billion Dollar Club is Headed to the Cloud

Whitepaper: Why the Billion Dollar Club is Headed to the Cloud

This whitepaper makes the case that more than just small startup firms are leveraging the cloud to compete in today's changing marketplace. It is critical now more than ever for firms to deploy and maintain robust, scalable and secure technology infrastructures to meet growing investor and regulatory demands.

Webcast: Comm Room to the Cloud

Customer Testimonial: INDOS Financial

There is a compelling argument for hedge funds and alternative investment firms to consider leveraging the cloud for some or all of their infrastructure. INDOS Financial, an AIFMD depository based in London, is one firm that chose to utilize the private cloud for their growing firm, and we’re excited to share their experience with you in this video.

Report: Cloud Usage in the Investment Industry

Report: Cloud Usage Trends  the Investment Industry

Have you been wondering how your investment firm peers are utilizing cloud services? We surveyed 101 investment firms across the U.S. to find out how and why firms are using the cloud, satisfaction levels of current cloud users, and more. Read our 17-page survey report now.

Webcast: From the Comm. Room to the CloudMicrosite: Cloud Forum

The cloud is one of our favorite topics, and that's why we created an entire website devoted to it! Visit our Cloud Forum to learn everything you need to know about cloud computing: how it started, how it is evolving and why it might be right for your investment firm.

Video: The Antidote for IT HeadachesVideo: The Antidote for IT Headaches

You can alleviate those common IT headaches and focus your energy on important tasks by leveraging the benefits of a fully managed, private cloud infrastructure.


Eze Private Cloud DatasheetData Sheet: Eze Private Cloud Services

We helped define the cloud market with the creation of the first hedge fund cloud back in 2005. Read more about our Eze Private Cloud services, including our Eze Managed Suite, application hosting services and fully managed disaster recovery.