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Hedge Fund Cloud Thought Leadership

Report: Cloud Usage in the Investment IndustryReport: Cloud Usage Trends  the Investment Industry

Have you been wondering how your investment firm peers are utilizing cloud services? We surveyed 101 investment firms across the U.S. to find out how and why firms are using the cloud, satisfaction levels of current cloud users, and more. Read our 17-page survey report now.

Webcast: App Hosting 101Webcast: Application Hosting 101

Whether you’re a new startup or an established firm, you likely require a host of financial and technology applications to support your operations. By hosting your applications in the cloud, you can reap the benefits of reduced costs, simplified management and streamlined delivery.

Cloud Security Best Practices WhitepaperWhitepaper: Cloud Security Best Practices for Hedge Funds

This whitepaper examines some potential infrastructure and application threats in the cloud, as well as features and policies to look for when evaluating a cloud environment and its provider, notably physical, virtualization and application security.

Guide to Starting a Hedge FundGuidebook: A Hedge Fund Manager's Guide to Cloud Computing

Cloud computing continues to play a key role on the technology front for both new startup firms & established funds. This guidebook explores why firms are moving to the cloud, cloud security and more.


Webcast: Comm Room to the CloudWebcast: From the Comm. Room to the Cloud

Technology infrastructure is critical to any hedge fund's success, that's why a move from traditional IT to the cloud is a major decision. Watch our 30-minute webcast to learn more about the right time to migrate to the cloud and how two investment firms made the move recently.


InfographicInfographic: You Know You're a Private Cloud User If...

Here are 10 sure-fire ways to know you're on a private cloud environment.

WATCH: Cloud Computing Explained in 60 Seconds

Does the idea of cloud computing still leave you feeling confused?

The reasons to move to the cloud are significant. On the cloud, your firm can:

  • Reduce IT costs,
  • Increase the speed of technology deployment,
  • Simplify IT management,
  • Improve IT flexibility, and
  • Gain built-in disaster recovery.

Seems like an easy choice, right? Watch our video to discover why not all clouds are created equal.

WATCH: The Antidote for IT Headaches

As an investment firm manager, you've got a lot on your plate. And managing technology can be complex.

By leveraging a private cloud infrastructure, you can alleviate those common IT headaches and focus your energies on more important tasks. With the private cloud:

  • Adding new apps and users is a cinch,
  • Performance is outstanding,
  • IT budgeting is clear and predictable,
  • Security is rock-solid, and
  • Data is protected and available 24x.7

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