Eze Castle Integration

COOConnect Cyber Security Webinar

The Depository Trust & Clearing Corporation (DTCC) recently identified cyber-crime as the biggest risk to capital markets, putting it ahead of counterparty risk at central counterparty clearing houses (CCPs). Cyber-threats come in many forms, and the consequences for businesses can be fatal. Leakage of non-public material information or worse false information can incur severe reputational risk, as can denial of services. But cyber-threats are not just the preserve of sophisticated criminals. As recent high-profile US intelligence leaks have shown, the majority of these leaks tend to come from within organisations. So how can hedge funds mitigate the risk of cyber-crime? 

Questions to be addressed will include:

  • In terms of best practice, what should hedge funds be doing to mitigate the risks of cyber-crime
  • What are the different types of risk, in terms of cyber crime?
  • How serious is the threat of cyber crime to hedge funds?
  • Given hedge funds’ size, how can they best protect themselves from the risks in a cost-effective fashion?
  • As we have seen with Edward Snowdon leaks and Portcullis, the majority of these leaks come from within. What basic steps can firms take to ensure this does not happen?
  • ​If firms are subject to a cyber-attack or data leakage, how can they best manage the crisis?


  • William (Bill) Tan, Managing Director/CTO, Eze Castle Integration
  • Mark Clancy, Managing Director of Technology Risk Management, The Depository Trust & Clearing Corporation (DTCC)
  • John Rogers, Senior Manager, Booz Allen Hamilton

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