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Hedgeworld Fall Fund Services Conference

It wasn’t long ago that no one knew who John Paulson was. For the lucky few who recognized potential early, the rewards have been great. Indeed, investing with the right emerging manager can be highly lucrative. A number of recent studies have concluded that, as a group, smaller, emerging funds have tended to outperform larger well-established funds.

So where will the next John Paulson or George Soros come from? To help with the search for the next rising star, HedgeWorld will feature emerging managers as the focus of its fall conference, with a series of fast-paced showcases throughout the day at which managers will discuss their funds and strategies. Each panel will be followed by a break to allow managers to meet with interested attendees.

The conference will also continue the popular two-track format of past events, under which two panel discussions run concurrently throughout the day: one set geared toward investors, the other toward managers. While the investor focus will be on new and emerging funds, the manager panels will cover a range of issues and topics important to running and managing hedge funds. For more information, visit www.hedgeworld.com/events.

This event has passed.