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The Top Ten Questions to Ask a Cloud Services Provider

By Kaleigh Brousseau,
Thursday, July 7th, 2011

I recently sat down with Eze Castle’s managing director of marketing and products, Bob Guilbert, to talk about cloud computing for hedge funds and the important questions investment firms should be asking cloud services providers during the evaluation process.Cloud Computing

Following are Bob’s Top Ten Questions:

  1. Does the vendor’s service allow for easy scalability and the quick addition of resources, including CPU, memory, storage and bandwidth?

  2. Does the cloud infrastructure feature an N+1 configuration to tolerate any single equipment failure and ensure high availability?

  3. Does the vendor provide dedicated or shared resources within the cloud? Will a client’s data be isolated from that of other clients who reside in the same cloud?

  4. Does the cloud provider offer disaster recovery services as part of their offering? If so, how often are those DR systems tested?

  5. Which technology vendors have applications operating within the cloud? What certification levels does the cloud provider have with these technology partners?

  6. Does the cloud provider own their own equipment?

  7. Is the data center SAS70 certified?

  8. What type of security and monitoring practices are in place at the data center?

  9. Is the data center located far enough away (geographically) from the production environment to ensure there will be minimal impact in a disaster situation, but close enough to maintain a high speed connection?

  10. Is the cloud infrastructure backed by a Service Level Agreement (SLA) that ensures top performance and uptime?

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