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Greater Boston Chamber of Commerce 2010 Holiday Reception

The Greater Boston Chamber of Commerce will hold it's Annual Holiday Reception on Wednesday, December 8 in Boston, MA.

The Greater Boston Chamber is a broad-based association representing more than 1,600 businesses of all sizes from virtually every industry and profession in the Boston area. The GBCC provides leadership in creating a healthy climate for economic development and job creation.

The Chamber is deeply committed to promoting diversity in every aspect of its work, and throughout the business, government and civic life of our community. They are an important resource to their members for advocacy, information and marketing exposure that enhances members' business succes. And most importantly, the GBCC adds value to the community at large by working for legislative changes that are critical to economic growth.

Eze Castle Integration is sponsoring the Greater Boston Chamber's Annual Holiday Reception this year. For more information on the GBCC, click here.