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Careers in Hedge Fund IT & Cloud Services


Are you looking to join a winning team in financial services IT? Do you have the superior technical talent and unshakeable focus to help customers succeed?

Thanks to our track record of success in the hedge fund and investment management industry, Eze Castle Integration continues to grow - and that means opportunity for you if you're the right professional. We're looking for an uncommon mix: self-starters who are motivated to push their talents to the limit and who enjoy collaborating with peers and customers.

What's in it for you? Just about everything you could want in a career. We train our employees on the latest technologies and provide them the opportunity to use their newly acquired skills every day. In addition, we provide opportunities for career development and enhancement to keep you growing and contributing for years to come.

Positions at Eze Castle Integration

Working at Eze Castle

Nina Sim, Disaster Recovery GroupWhy did you choose to work at Eze Castle Integration?

Prior to becoming employed by Eze Castle Integration, I was employed at a satellite office in Boston as the Operations Manager for a hedge fund. This fund had contracted Eze Castle to build out their office and IT infrastructure. As the point of contact for the project, I had the opportunity to see firsthand the exceptional service and experience Eze Castle held as an IT consultant and integrator for the hedge fund industry.

When my satellite office closed, I was offered an opportunity to work for Eze Castle and having already worked with them before, I jumped at the chance. It was a great opportunity to work for an IT firm that I knew was very knowledgeable in their field and working with the latest and greatest technologies. I was eager to join the ranks of the many talented members of Eze Castle that made them stand out from other IT providers. Not only was I given the opportunity to become part of the Eze Castle family, the employee benefits offered outweigh any other firm I’ve worked for.

How does Eze Castle Integration enable career development?

Eze Castle’s organizational structure and hierarchy of groups and teams provides individuals the opportunity to develop individual roles. Eze Castle also offers many products and services that open the door for career development in all aspects of Eze Castle’s products and technologies. They strongly encourage career development by advancing and transitioning individuals into different roles that not only benefit the individual but the company’s business goals as well.

How would you describe the culture at Eze Castle Integration?

I would describe the culture at Eze Castle as a team culture – a team of top performing individuals working cohesively to accomplish the same goals of supporting and meeting the needs of our clientele. As an employee or client of Eze Castle, you’re supported by an entire company with many facets of expertise.  

Learning and Development

Eze Castle Integration offers a wide variety of Learning and Development programs to build job skills for the role you have and to foster the career we hope you develop. All of our programs extend to all segments of the workforce. There are many opportunities for employees of Eze Castle – classes and workshops, a full inventory of technical videos, management development, technical and non-technical certification programs, and career coaching.

Here is a snapshot of some of the valuable Learning and Development resources available to employees:

Eze eAcademyEze eAcademy

Our 24x7x365 state-of-the-art learning portal, Eze eAcademy, has over 1,000 hours of technical and job-related on-demand videos. Whether you’re interested in learning about Microsoft’s new generation of products, virtualization, the cloud or project management, we have it all.


Monthly Training and WorkshopsMonthly Training and Workshops

Leveraging our resident experts and world-class thought leadership to design and deliver classes, we have an extensive monthly training calendar that provides top-notch classes, seminars, and subject matter for employees to learn more about our products, services, new technologies, soft-skills, and career growth. 


New Manager's WorkshopNew Manager's Workshop

We strongly believe in promoting from within, and for this reason all of our managers are well-trained in management fundamentals and learn to grow in their roles as leaders of the organization. Our NMLD (New Manager’s Leadership Development) Workshop is deeply supported by our organizational leadership and is highly effective in creating a wonderfully engaging, fun and productive workplace.


Eze WikiEze Wiki

Our very popular corporate wiki has thousands of pages of Eze Castle-specific information for all employees. Whether you want to learn about a new product, a change in competitive positioning, a new install standard, or a new process, our Eze Wiki has it all. It is highly searchable and very easy to discover new information.

Career Competencies

In our quest to hire and develop the best and brightest IT professionals, we focus on finding applicants who excel in the following five core competencies: Communication, Customer Focus, Problem Solving, Sense of Urgency and Teamwork.

Career Competencies